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The Method

Relational Evangelism

The goal of relational evangelism is to develop friendships over a long period. Analysis has proven that friendships remove barriers to hearing the Gospel. By developing these friendships our staff will be able to positively impact our customers when they have real needs or are looking for real answers to life's challenges. Not everyone is ready to accept the Lord right now, but when they are ready to learn more about God, these relationships will ensure that they have a place to go to for answers.


Entertainment. Using live music, entertainment and by maintaining an active event program, we will draw in new customers and widen the opportunities to share the Gospel.
Invitations. By going on campus and partnering with campus ministries we will seek to build new relationships and draw people to our coffee shop.


Training in relational evangelism. We provide training to individuals and churches. This training includes how to share the Gospel in one-on-one engagements, group outreaches, street evangelism and core discipleship. Matthew 28: 17-20 tells us to go and make disciples. The implication is to start with non-believers and teach them to become mature followers of Jesus. This is done through personal investment of time and energy. We will train church groups, bible study groups and individuals how to confidently disciple.

The Gospel Cafe is a tool that we are offering to churches and ministries to help them reach outside their normal sphere of influence in the areas of evangelism and discipleship. We desire to create a community of churches and ministries that are sold out for sharing the gospel. By partnering with us you will receive training, experience and Lord willing, growth in the form of new believers!

Do you have a desire to create an effective, theologically sound outreach program? We can provide this for you with very minimal effort on your part. We will come to your church or ministry. Train your staff or membership. Provide a location for outreach which includes, food and beverages. You provide the volunteers and we provide everything else!